Sabado, Disyembre 27, 2008

Colored Nails

Ever since high school, I love having colored nails. I enjoy changing the colors and often mix and match them with my clothes or my mood. I feel like I'm carrying a sense of femininity when I have painted nails, especially when it's applied evenly and when it's beautifully done. I always do it myself even if I'm not good at it but I'm patient enough to let it sit and wait for it to dry and prevent the risk of messing up my nails.

Sometimes, smudging and wrinkling cannot be avoided and I get frustrated but because I love having painted nails, I'm always willing to repeat the procedure all over again. I am not allowed to have painted nails in school so I only get to paint my nails during weekends. That's also the reason why I can't buy all the colors I want. I like using nail stickers too. I want to collect different designs most especially the glittery ones.

Red, Purple, Plum, Pink and Lime Green are my favorite colors

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