Martes, Hulyo 15, 2008

Irresistible Perfumes

One thing the hubby and I have in common is our love for perfume. We have a pretty small collection of our favorite scents and of course, in every perfume collection, there's always one scent that would stand out among all other fragrances. Something that we would be always comfortable wearing, whether we have too much or not enough on. Our choice of perfume in every single day or ocassion depends on our mood, we don't usually consult each other about what to use when we go out on dates because honestly, I adore every scent the hubby has and he carries himself very well so the perfume just adds flair to his overall look.

Chie's Favorite:
CK One Summer unisex fragrance
for Summer 2006.

Fragrance Notes Tangerine, Pineapple, Grapefruit, Frangipani,
Sea Breeze, Palm Sap, Driftwood, Hot Sand Effect, Glistening Skin Musks.

I love using CK Summer! I feel fresh and confident all day.

Digi's Favorite:
SAFARI, created by RALPH LAUREN, was introduced in 1992.

This fine fragrance contains lemon, eucalyptus, juniper and is accented with thyme, cinnamon and leather making SAFARI perfect for formal use.

Gerard's Favorite:
Tommy cologne for men, made by Tommy Hilfiger, was launched in 1995.
This fragrance for men contains a blend of tangy citrus, cranberry and
cinnamon apple pie.

Yes, our son has his own favorite too. He uses Tommy when he goes to school and when we go to church every Sunday. He likes using his daddy's Nautica Competition perfume too.

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