Miyerkules, Hulyo 16, 2008

Comfy Flip Flops

If you are someone close to me, you certainly would know that I love wearing flip flops. They are simply very comfortable to wear but of course they should be worn appropriately. I only wear them at home, in the mall, during small get togethers, during rehearsals and during our family funtime. I don't have cute feet but I prefer to wear flip flops whenever possible because the feeling of being able to move your feet freely is quite relaxing for me. I'd love to have a huge collection, maybe collect all colors but I won't go for the overly decorated ones (not sure if that's how I should describe them) because it would be hard for me to find clothes that would match them. I only have a limited selection of clothing nowadays because I gained weight, (Aww, do I really need to mention that?) but I'm glad I have black and white, which are neutral colors and those colors match anything!
Here's a photo of the flip flops that my sister Glenda gave me.

Our flip flops from Nike Park, courtesy of the hubby!

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